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Moate Golf Club - Co Westmeath

Moate Golf Club - Co Westmeath

Moate Golf Club

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2024 WHS Calculator

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Calculating Course Handicap

Your Course and Playing Handicap now uses the difference between The Course Rating and Par in the calculation.

You will GAIN some shot(s) on High Rated courses, and LOSE some shots on Lower Rated Coures, e.g.

Moate Red (Rating: 71.8, Par: 73): Reduction of 1.2 shots.

Moate Blue (Rating: 72.8, Par: 72): Increase of 0.8 shots.

There will be similar adjustments on every course you play!

Playing Handicap Calculations

The full UNROUNDED Course Handicap is used when calculating the Playing Handicap for Competitions

Calculation of Playing Handicap for Handicap Index of 21.1 on Moate White Course (Rating 71.5, Par: 72, SLope: 130):

Course Handicap:
(21.1 x 130/113) + (71.5 - 72) = 23.7743 . . (Course Handicap = 24)

Playing Handicap:
23.7743 . . x 95% = 22.5855 . . = 23

(If you do not have calculator access you may use the rounded Handicap for simplicity)

All set to go !
The Revised World Handicap System - April 1st 2024

This involves changes in:

  • Calculating Course Handicap - revised method uses Course Rating minus Par
  • Using the unrounded Course Handicap when calculating Playing Handicap
  • Using Expected Scores rather than Nett Par for holes not played
  • Allowing Competiions other than 9 and 18 holes for Handicap purposes
  • Player responsibility for submitting Society scores
  • Counting Fourball Stroke/Stableford/v Par competitions for handicap purposes

    There is also a subtle change when calculating Fourball Matchplay Handicaps

  • Submitting All Scores for an Accurate Handicap Index

    The World Handicap Sytem depends on players entering all of their scores during the "counting" season.

    If you don't enter all of your scores your Handicap Index will not be accurate, either too low and you may not be competitive, or too high, where you will have an unfair advantage on your colleagues.

    You can and should enter scores in 13-hole competitions as well as 18-holes, and ensure that you Handicap Index is a fair reflection of your aability.

    Players are expected to submit scores from Society type events also, using either locally available software or the Golf Ireland App.

    Rule 1.3(i) states that a player is expected to “submit all acceptable scores to provide reasonable evidence of their demonstrated ability”.

    Using Fourball Stroke/Stableford/v Par for Handicap

    Following on from a survey of clubs, Fourball competitions are now included for Handicapping.

    If a pairing score 42pts, and an individual player contributes 9 times or more, the score will be analysed for inclusion by the software.

    When this analysis is complete the player may have the score included on his record.

    This is being done to capture high scores being submitted in fourball competitions, and avoid the need for Handicap Committees to review these scores manually during the Annual Handicap Review.

    Full details of the calculations can be found HERE

    Calculating Fourball Handicap - Matchplay

    In Fourball Matchplay the procedure for calculating the Shots allowed is as follow:

    • Calculate the Course Handicap for each of the 4 Players
    • Round each of them to the nearest whole Number
    • The Lowest Course Handicap goes to Zero
    • Each of the other players will be reduced accordingly
    • Get 90% of these numbers to get the Shots Received by each players

    This is the only time that a Course Handicap is rounded before the Allowance (90%) is used

    It is important that this method is used, especially in Mixed Tees Competitions (e.g. Mixed Foursomes)

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    2024 WHS Calculator

    All Competitions - All Courses

    Using Expected Scores
    If you do not play a hole for a valid reason you should put "Not Played" on the Computer.

    If you fail to complete a hole you should put "Picked Up" on the Computer.

    Holes "Not Played" will have an "Expected Score" entered automatically, which represents the average score for a player with your handicap Index.

    "Picked Up" Holes will have Nett double bogey (i.e. Zero Stableford points) entered.

    13-Hole Competitions

    Up to now only 9-hole and 18-hole competitions were eligible for Handicap purposes.

    Now, any competition from 9 to 18 holes can be used, and unplayed holes will also use the "Expected Scores" to complete the full 18-Holes.

    In particular, 13-hole competitions in Moate (as well as 16-holes) are now eligible for handicapping.

    Birds eye view of the 14th, 15th and 16th