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Moate Golf Club - Co Westmeath

Moate Golf Club - Co Westmeath

Moate Golf Club

Hole 18 and Clubhouse

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Your Course Handicap is used by WHS to re-calculate your new handicap

Your Playing Handicap is used for the competition you are playing - All Formats

The 3rd Tee Box - ready to go !

9-Hole Ratings - Moate Golf Club

Tees Front 9 (R/S) Back 9 (R/S)
Blue 34.6/125 38.2/144
White 34.1/119 37.4/141
Yellow 33.8/115 37.2/140
Red 34.3/114 37.5/132

Birds eye view of the 14th, 15th and 16th

World Handicap System - Handicap Calculator

The new World Handicap System (WHS) is being used in all Golf Courses in Ireland from November 2020

Here are some handy Playing Handicap Calculators
(All Courses, Course Ratings and Course Slopes and Formats)

You will need you Playing Handicap before playing a round of golf.
Find it using the form below - (Use your Handicap Index and the Slope of the Course you are playing)
Calculator 1
Find your Course Handicap (and Playing Handicap - Singles) for any Golf Course
Moate Slopes:
Blue: 135
White: 130
Yellow: 128
Red: 123
Handicap Index Slope   

Fourball Formats use different Playing Handicap calculations
Use this form to check your Fouball Playing Handicap - (You need Handicap Index and Slope and Fourball Format)
Calculator 2
Enter yor Playing Handicap, Slope and select the Fourball Format
Handicap Index Slope       

WHS calculates you Handicap Index every day, using your Gross Score to calculate Score Difference
You can use this form to find your latest Score Difference (+/- the PCC of the day)
Calculator 3
Remember to adjust your hole score to Nett Double Bogey, at worst (0 Stableford Points)
Adjusted Score Course Rating Course Slope   

Handy Hints

If you don't know your Handicap Index you can find it HERE

If you don't know the Course Slope/Rating you can find it HERE

For singles competition use 95% of Course Handicap as your Playing Handicap

For Fourball Stroke and Stableford use 85%

For Fourball Matchplay and Par/Bogey use 90%

You can use your Latest Score to calculate your next Score Difference on this page

Your Handicap Index is the average of the best 8 Score Differences from your last 20 scores

Playing a 9-Hole Round for Handicap purposes?

Calculate your 9-Hole Course Handicap (You will need 9-Hole Course Rating, Slope and Par)

The Clubhouse at Sunset