Overview of Moate Golf Club
Dermot Kenny
Lady President
Mary Horan
Willie Smith
Lady Captain
Marie Keane
Hon Secretary
Andy Dunne
Hon Treasurer
Martin Ryan
Anna O'Brien
e-mail: moategolfclub@outlook.comPhone: 090 64 81271

Moate Golf Club - World Handicap System - Resource Centre

Do you have your new Handicap Index?

You will need to convert it to a Course Handicap and Playing Handicap before you can play.

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Your Course Handicap depends on the Slope Rating of whatever course you play.

Blue: 135
White: 130
Yellow: 128
Red: 123.

Winter Rules

Rounds played using "Placing Everywhere" cannot be used for Handicap Purposes.

The Active Season will resume in Spring 2021 as usual, and the new WHS rules begin.

Calculate your Course and Playing Handicap in Moate
Enter Your Handicap Index   

Your Course Handicap is used by WHS to re-calculate your new handicap following every counting round you play on any course.
Your Playing Handicap is used for the competition you are playing - this tells you where you have shots.

Calculate your Course and Playing Handicap - any course
Handicap Index Slope Rating   

Your Handicap Index is the average of the best 8 Score Differences from your last 20

Score Difference depends on the Rating of the Course and the difficulty (weather) on the day (PCC).

For singles competition use 95% of Course Handicap (Playing Handicap)

For Fourball Stroke use 85%

For Fourball Matchplay use 90%

Handicap Indexes may change during December, while the new system is bedding in.

The new Handicap Master software is currently being updated to take account of WHS.

For full details of the World Handicap System check out: www.golfnet.ie/whs

More to follow . . .

When "Summer Rules" begin you can use 9-hole rounds to affect your Handicap Index

Each 9-Holes and Tees have their own Rating and Slope:

Moate Golf Club
Tees F9 R/Slope B9 R/Slope
Blue 34.6/125 38.2/144
White 34.1/119 37.4/141
Yellow 33.8/115 37.2/140
Red 34.3/114 37.5/132

The calculations for 9-Hole Course Handicap will be added later.