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WHS Quiz - Level 3

Ten multiple choice questions to test your knowledge of the World Handicap System
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Average - Level 1: 72.2% | Average - Level 2: 43.1% | Average - Level 3: 52.3% 
1) Can your home golf club adjust your Handicap Index during the year?
a) Yes, if you win the Captains Prize
b) No, the World Handicap System makes all adjustments to the Handicap Index
c) Yes, if you dont return every card on time
d) Yes, subject to a review by the Handicap Committee

2) What does the Cap procedure mean in the World Handicap System?
a) It prohibits the wearing of head gear with political slogans
b) It limits the amount by which a players Handicap Index can increase annually
c) It limits the number of shots allowed in any given round
d) It limits the number of players in any particular group

3) What is the definition of an Exceptional Score in WHS
a) Three birdies in a row
b) A Score Differential which is at least 7 strokes better than your Low Handicap Index
c) A Score which is 5 strokes less than your Playing Handicap
d) A Score Differential which is at least 7 strokes better than your current Handicap Index

4) How many holes must be played in an 18-hole round to be acceptable for handicap purposes?
a) 18
b) 16
c) 10
d) 9

5) How many holes must be played in 9-hole format for a score to be acceptable for handicap purposes?
a) 9-holes scores dont count
b) 7
c) It depends if it is the front 9 or Back 9
d) 9

6) What should you do if you want to enter an acceptable score in a casual round for handicap purposes?
a) Check which tees are in play on the day
b) Calculate your playing handicap on the course you are playing
c) Make sure your playing partner is entitled to sign your card
d) All of the above

7) What is the correct calculation to get your singles playing handicap? (Ex: HI = 12.2, Slope=130)
a) (Handicap Index)x(Course Slope)/(113) - (PH = 12.2x130/113 = 13.8 = 14)
b) (Handicap Index)x(113)/Course Slope) - (PH = 12.2x113/130 = 10.6 = 11)
c) ((Handicap Index)x(Course Slope)/113)x95% - (PH = 12.2x130/113 = 13.8 = 14x.95 = 13.3 = 13)
d) I will use my Handicap Index - (PH = 12.2 = 12)

8) How is a 9-Hole score adjusted for Handicap calculations for a player that has a Handicap Index?
a) A stroke score equivalent to 17 Stableford points for the same 9-holes is used
b) A stroke score equivalent to 17 Stableford points for the other 9-holes is used
c) Your scored is doubled
d) Your score is combined with your next 9-hole score

9) How are Stroke Indexes adjusted when playing 9 holes on an 18-hole course?
a) Use the Indexes on the 18-Hole card
b) Use half of the 18-hole Indexes (rounded up)
c) It doesnt matter, because the computer only uses the total score anyway
d) I will never play a 9-hole counting (acceptable) round

10) Does you Playing Handicap change when you are playing fourball matchplay?
a) No difference
b) Yes, you use 75% of your Playing Handicap
c) Yes, use 90% of your Course Handicap
d) How much more do I need to know ???