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WHS Quiz - Level 2

Ten multiple choice questions to test your knowledge of the World Handicap System
(Submit the completed quiz to get the answers and your SCORE !)
Average - Level 1: 72.2% | Average - Level 2: 43.1% | Average - Level 3: 52.3% 
1) Do you need the Par of the Course when calculating your Course or Playing Handicap?
a) Not if you are playing 18 holes in Europe.
b) Yes, if you are playing in the United States.
c) Yes, if you are playing 9-Hole counting round anywhere.
d) All of the above.

2) Where can you see a list of members handicaps for the club?
a) In the locker room.
b) On Master Scoreboard.
c) There is no list of handicaps.
d) On Golfnet (hint: Golfnet has been replaced by Golf Ireland!)

3) What is the highest score allowed on a hole for WHS handicapping purposes?
a) Whatever I score.
b) Nett double bogey.
c) 6
d) Whatever my playing partners agree to.

4) How many shots can your handicap increase each year?
a) 1 shot.
b) 3 shots
c) There is no limit.
d) 5 shots

5) What is the maximum Handicap Index for a player?
a) 28 for gents and 36 for ladies.
b) 36 for gents and 54 for ladies.
c) 54 for every player.
d) There is no limit.

6) What the Low Handicap Index for a player?
a) The lowest Handicap you have ever had.
b) The lowest Handicap Index in the last 365 days.
c) The lowest Handicap Index you have had this season.
d) Scratch.

7) What is your "Adjusted Score" for a round of golf?
a) Your score plus any penalty score.
b) Your score minus your Handicap Index.
c) Your Stableford points for a particular round.
d) Your gross score, incl penalty strokes, maximum hole score, a hole is not played, or not finished.

8) IIf you have a Handicap Index of 17.2, what is your singles playing Handicap? (Slope: 130, Rating 71.5)?
a) 17
b) 18
c) 19
d) 20

9) Why is 95% of the Course Handicap used as your Playing Handicap for singles?
a) Low Handicap players get all the advantages.
b) The "Course Handicap" calculation favours high handicappers and needs to be adjusted.
c) High Handicap players get all the advantages.
d) This system will never work!

10) What golf rounds count towards your handicap calculations?
a) All rounds you pre-declare (9-hole and 18-hole) during the active season.
b) All competitive rounds, 9-hole and 18-hole.
c) All rounds, 9-hole and 18-holes.
d) Whenever I play well.