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Moate Golf Club - Co Westmeath

Moate Golf Club - Co Westmeath

Moate Golf Club

Hole 18 and Clubhouse
The Clubhouse at Sunset
The 18th Green
The 3rd Tee Box - ready to go !

World Handicap System Quiz - Level 1

Ten multiple choice questions to test your knowledge of the World Handicap System
(Submit the completed quiz to get the answers and your SCORE !)
1) What does "The Slope" of a Golf Course mean?
It tells you how difficult a course is to play
A number that ranks each course on a "League Table"
It reflects how much harder the course is for an 18-20 handicapper rather than a scratch player
It is a measure of the steepest hill on the course

2) What does the "Course Rating" mean?
It is the expected score for a scratch player on a particular set of tees
It indicates how well a Golf Club is managed
It rates the overall facilities in a golf club
Its a measure of the standard of golf played by club members

3) How many Course Ratings has a typical Golf Club?
Nobody knows!

4) How do you get a Handicap Index as a first time golfer?
Ring the Handicap Secretary
Play off of 18
Play 54 holes and submit your signed cards as acceptable scores
Use your Society Handicap

5) Where do I get my Handicap Index if I had a handicap last year?
Ring the Handicap Secretary
Check the list in the Locker Room
Register at using your e-mail address
Use last years handicap

6) How many Rounds of Golf do you need to have a "Developed Handicap"?
All of this years rounds

7) How often is your handicap re-calculated?
Every Week
Every day
After every competition you play
Whenever you play well

8) Is there a Standard Scratch calculation to take account of bad weather?
Standard Scratch has not changed
It has been replaced by a "Playing Conditions Calculation" (PCC)
What is Standard Scratch?
It will be printed on the card

9) What should you do when playing at an "away" course?
Use the same playing handicap as your home course
Round your Handicap Index and use that as your handicap
Check the Tees being used and Course Slope to find your course/playing handicap
Check the directions on Google maps

10) Whats the difference between Course and Playing Handicap for singles competitions?
No difference
Playing Handicap is 95% of Course Handicap
Playing Handicap is 75% of Course Handicap
This too complicated, someone will tell me on the first tee